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Lower Cost

Assembly | Packaging ServicesThe Hines Group provides assembly services to let you concentrate your precious resources on our essential manufacturing and business activities. We reduce your headaches, simplify your product management, reduce purchasing and inventory costs, and save time and money.

Purchasing assemblies from us lowers your cost. Outsourcing assembly to us enables you to meet your purchasing and manufacturing targets with less effort and lower investment.

Fewer Headaches

Outsourced assemblies reduces headaches, reduces your mistakes, simplifies ordering, and lowers inventories. Having us perform assembly shifts labor, facility, and component responsibilities and headaches from you to us.

You can also have us deliver completed assemblies and subassemblies directly to your line when and where you need them, or delivered directly to your customers or distributors.

Reduced Purchasing Efforts

Placing one order for one part number, rather than multiple parts. You spend less time managing orders. You can reduce raw and work-in-process inventory.

Assembly ServicesSmaller Vendor Base

You can reduce your vendor base. You'll be able to streamline your supply chain. Your supplier quality responsibility becomes ours.

Reduced Administration

You spend less time researching, expediting, and managing vendors. We take that responsibility on for you.

Less Investment - Better Return on Invested Capital

Our capital is at work, not yours. Our facilities work for you without tying up your capital. There's no need for you to build warehouse or factory space. If you already have it, you can re-purpose it for other uses.

Better Financial Management

We manage sourcing, ordering, and expediting for sub-suppliers to the assembly. We manage payables including the credit risk of our sub-suppliers.

The Hines Group's ISO 9001:2008 and TS-16949:2002 certified quality system ensures that kits and subassemblies performed according to your specifications. Contact Us now to start reducing your workload and frustration by relying on our stamping, machining, and value-added services.


Assembly Service

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Production Machining

From single-run engineered shafts to high-run production shafts, the experts at The Hines Group are eager to convert your vision to reality. We are capable of satisfying your need for consistent dimensional quality, competitive cost, reliable scheduling, and short lead-times.


Our multi-axis CNC machines are setup specifically for milling pump and motor shafts, including external and internal keyways in shafts and bores.

Journal Turning, Drilling, Trepanning, Fine Boring and Reaming

Shaft MillingOur CNC lathes can accommodate working sizes in excess of 12” (300mm) in diameter and up to 116” (3000mm) in depth. Our abilities extend to drilling operations, plus any type of straight or tapered reaming, drilling and tapping on steel rolling mills and other roll stock.

Shaft and Round Stock Cutting

We have the ability to cut small and large diameter shafts due to our wide range of cutting equipment. Our service offering also includes excavating and removing defective weld material.

Shaft LogisticsGrinding and Polishing

We have several CNC grinders that match our turning abilities. Our grinders are able to meet the demanding tolerances and finished required on electric motor and pump shafts. We polish to meet a specific surface finish.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality team is equipped with various inspection tools including CMMs and custom gauging. We are able to provide a wide range of inspection services and documentation.

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Tool Transfer ("Takeover")

We are experts at helping you urgently move tools, or to programmatically out-source your in-house stamping operations to assure an uninterrupted supply of parts.


  • Progressive Die Stamping
  • Transfer Press Stamping
  • Deep Drawn Stamping
  • Turnkey Stamping
  • Prototype Stamping
  • Deburring & Tumbling
  • Assembly & Sub-assembly
  • Packaging and Distribution
  • In-die Assembly, Tapping and Welding
  • High Speed Reel-to-Reel Stamping
  • Contact/Rivet Insertion/ Welding
  • Modular Dies
  • Marking & Engraving
  • Surface Finishing
  • Heat Treat and Plating
  • Cleaning & Painting

Forming Operations

The Hines Group operates a broad range of metal stamping capabilities by process: transfer, progressive, and fourslide/multislide presses. Our capabilities include Blanking, Piercing, Bend Forming, Draw Forming, and Coining.

Variety of Materials

In our metal stamping operations, we have experience working with stainless and cold/hot-rolled steel, hardened and tempered steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, Galvaneal, and specialty alloys such as titanium, Inconel, and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Low and High Volume Production

The Hines Group has 250 metal stamping presses ranging from 2 to 600 tons. We ship a half billion parts or more per year. Our production runs vary from a few parts to millions of parts per setup. Our low setup cost and superior operational efficiency makes us an effective short-run and large-run operation.

Our presses are equipped with modern servo feed systems. We incorporate in die sensing and inline vision inspection capabilities, as necessary.

Part Size

Our capabilities range from parts a few millimeters in diameter to heavy brackets several feet in length. We produce parts barely visible to the naked eye to large parts for automobiles and industrial apparatus.


Our ability to produce the precision stampings to match your need to accelerate products to market is supported by our rapid estimating, engineering, part development, materials acquisition, and production readiness.


Our application engineers' mission is to serve you. They'll share their expertise with you to improve manufacturability, lower part cost, reduce material consumption, improve your environmental footprint, and improve part quality and consistency.

Secondary Operations

To provide you with cost-effective solutions, we have a significant capability in high-volume, high-speed part cleaning, deburring, and tumbling services. We routinely ship parts that require heat-treating, plating, coating and painting. As you require, we assemble and package parts for shipping to you or your distributors and customers.

We Can Help If Any Of These Describe Your Needs . . .

  • Precision Metal Stamping
  • Intricate Metal Stamping
  • Difficult Metal Stamping
  • Custom Metal Stamping
  • Close Tolerance Metal Stamping
  • High Volume Metal Stamping
  • Short Run Metal Stamping
  • Progressive Die Metal Stamping
  • Transfer Press Metal Stamping
  • Eyelet Metal Stamping
  • Exotic Metal Stamping
  • Assembly of Metal Stampings
  • Engineered Metal Stampings
  • Complex Geometric Metal Stampings
  • Shaft Machining
  • Production Machining
  • Motor Shaft Machining
  • Spindle Machining
  • Assembly
  • Packaging

Lifecycle Support

We provide support to help you optimize your choice of production technique, component design, part geometry and performance, selection of alloys, material usage, and measurement and quality standards.

By optimizing your part design and manufacturing specification, we improve production efficiency, improve your time to market, and reduce your component cost.

Tool Transfer ("Takeover") Programs

The Hines Group is expert at helping you out-source your in-house stamping operations. We have successfully moved several large and small in-house stamping operations to our facility.

We run your "factory within a factory" to continue your tradition of excellent stamped metal products. When combined with our extremely competitive labor cost, focused production management, and dedicated support staff and systems, we liberate you from the investment, headache, and inefficiencies of in-house stamping operations.

For you, it is a chance to reduce your investment, eliminate your operational headaches, redeploy labor, and consolidate your purchasing efforts (and vendors).


- Stamping
- Assembly
- Tool Development
- Shaft Machining 

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Tool Development

High quality metal stampings begin with high quality tooling. The Hines Group produces sophisticated Class A through economical Class C progressive dies with in-house toolmakers and machinists.

The tool and die makers at The Hines Group are trained in-house through a demanding apprenticeship program.

Latest Tools

Tool building is supported through the use of our seven CNC traveling wire EDM machines - accurate to within .0001 ".

FEA Analysis | Tool Development

Our toolmakers and machinists are assisted by CAD/CAM - generating complex die geometry with complete precision.

We routinely assess part and tool design using finite-element analysis to assure adequate tool life, part durability, and dimensional compliance. Computer simulations improve the speed and accuracy of our design-to-production effort, improving your speed-to-market performance

In-House Tool Repair & Construction

We repair worn and damaged die-sets in our in-house tool maintenance operation. We rebuild production tools whether built by us or by others. We sharpen, repair, replace, change, clean, and refurbish used tool and dies. We keep tool maintenance schedules to assure ready-to-run tooling and extend the life of the tool.

Competitively Priced and Featured

Features of our tooling include:

  • Routine use of high performance materials, such as D2, carbide, and specialty coatings
  • Dies are designed with metal forming stations (inserts) to balance die maintenance and fabrication cost
  • Dies are built to be interchangeable, minimizing your tool investment
  • Dies are protected with in-die sensors, improving material yield, extending tool life, and improving on-time performance


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- General Stamping
- Deep Drawn Stamping
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Metal Stamping


From short-run to millions of pieces per year, the people and presses at The Hines Group are eager to convert your vision to reality.

We are capable of producing precision metal stampings of any shape out of virtually any alloy. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities feature a number of competitive advantages in part production including:

  • 250 presses with tonnage up to 600T and speeds up to 1,500 strokes per minute
  • Capability to produce and measure to tolerances as demanding as 5 microns
  • Experience in virtually all alloys, including stainless, copper, aluminum, cold-rolled steel, and titanium
  • Quality management system capable of serving the needs of surgical-quality parts as well as simple hardware parts
  • High-capacity metal finishing: cleaning, deburring, and polishing
  • In-house secondary operations, including welding, tapping, and threading
  • Flexibility to manage a wide range of heat treating, plating, painting, coating, and finishing processes

Metal StampingStamping capabilities to suit your needs:

  • Precision Metal Stamping
  • Progressive Die Stamping
  • Transfer Press Stamping
  • Deep Draw Stamping
  • Multi-Slide Stamping
  • Flat Forms
  • Wire Forms
  • Joining
  • Assembly

Metal StampingWe've invested in a range of capabilities to lower your costs, speed new part development, and align the proper capability with your needs. Our press capabilities range from fourslide presses to high-speed Bruderer presses.

Our quality team assures compliance and works with our production team to assure conformance with your requirements, our internal standards, and the requirements of our various external certification bodies.

We've developed our own internal statistical process measurement and analysis system that provides for extremely consistent production control, providing information to our toolmakers, operators, and engineers in real-time.

Welded nut joined to formed bracketWe support our production and quality staff with seven optical comparators, multiple high-precision Zeiss measurement machines, and internal high-precision gauge construction and maintenance capabilities.

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