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Metal Stamping


From short-run to millions of pieces per year, the people and presses at The Hines Group are eager to convert your vision to reality.

We are capable of producing precision metal stampings of any shape out of virtually any alloy. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities feature a number of competitive advantages in part production including:

  • 250 presses with tonnage up to 600T and speeds up to 1,500 strokes per minute
  • Capability to produce and measure to tolerances as demanding as 5 microns
  • Experience in virtually all alloys, including stainless, copper, aluminum, cold-rolled steel, and titanium
  • Quality management system capable of serving the needs of surgical-quality parts as well as simple hardware parts
  • High-capacity metal finishing: cleaning, deburring, and polishing
  • In-house secondary operations, including welding, tapping, and threading
  • Flexibility to manage a wide range of heat treating, plating, painting, coating, and finishing processes

Metal StampingStamping capabilities to suit your needs:

  • Precision Metal Stamping
  • Progressive Die Stamping
  • Transfer Press Stamping
  • Deep Draw Stamping
  • Multi-Slide Stamping
  • Flat Forms
  • Wire Forms
  • Joining
  • Assembly

Metal StampingWe've invested in a range of capabilities to lower your costs, speed new part development, and align the proper capability with your needs. Our press capabilities range from fourslide presses to high-speed Bruderer presses.

Our quality team assures compliance and works with our production team to assure conformance with your requirements, our internal standards, and the requirements of our various external certification bodies.

We've developed our own internal statistical process measurement and analysis system that provides for extremely consistent production control, providing information to our toolmakers, operators, and engineers in real-time.

Welded nut joined to formed bracketWe support our production and quality staff with seven optical comparators, multiple high-precision Zeiss measurement machines, and internal high-precision gauge construction and maintenance capabilities.

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