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Prototyping and Engineering

Prototype stampingSound engineering practices are a key part of the services we provide and the challenging work we perform. The application of technology is evident throughout the organization, from customer design assistance through high volume precision custom metal stamping.

Our engineers provide valuable product design assistance. Using a variety of CAD systems, our engineers work with you in the development of your design. We will offer input on manufacturing considerations, material selection, selection of plating and other secondary operations, assembly automation features, and a variety of value-added processes such as in-die assembly or tapping.

We use unique prototyping systems that enable rapid development of precision metal stampings. These systems provide a variety of options to meet specific prototyping needs and part designs.  Each system closely replicates the part creation process of a high-speed progressive die. Using these methods, prototypes closely resemble the performance and behavior of production parts, allowing advanced functional analysis to be performed before a final design for metal stamping is approved and released.


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