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Our History

The Hines Group began operations in 1966 as Premium Allied Tool. Jim Hines, Jim Day and Roy Rutledge started their dream with a few pieces of used tool-room equipment and one used 10-ton press. The original finishing department was located in a little storage room off Jim Hines' carport.

In September of 1966, they rented a 6000 square foot building on Seventh Street in Owensboro. Two later additions increased the space to 12,000 square feet. Also during this time THG added more equipment and more employees. They soon found they had outgrown yet another building.


The Hines Group HeadquartersDuring the year of 1971 plans began formulating for a larger and more permanent facility. Land in Philpot, KY was purchased and in April 1973 the first facility in Philpot went up. The metal stamping company's physical plant was expanded four more times over the next six years.

The growth continued and a Training Center was built in 1980 to accommodate the expanding apprenticeship-training program.

We expanded our manufacturing facilities again in 1985, 1992, and 1997. We now have over 300,000 square feet under roof on 300 acres in Philpot.

In the summer of 1997, we started construction of our west-side (Owensboro) plant, Owensboro Manufacturing. Our west-side plant added 150,000 square feet under roof on 25 acres.

The Hines Group ships parts and assemblies to many U. S. locations and to more than 18 countries worldwide. Our customer base includes some of the world largest multi-national corporations as well as many smaller public and privately held companies that appreciate the quality, competitive pricing, and excellent service provided by the employees of The Hines Group.

Apprentice Training Program

Our Training CenterSince its inception, The Hines Group has faced the challenge of sufficient skilled tool and die makers to match our growth. To continue growing with our customers, we've trained our own toolmakers.

Our curriculum includes mathematics, blueprint reading, welding, sheet metal working, die-making, shop theory and and hours of practical toolroom and production experience. Many current supervisory employees of The Hines Group began as apprentices.

Over the years the basic requirements for the apprenticeship program for tool and die makers and die designers have not changed: 2000 shop hours and 144 classroom hours each year for four years. The curriculum us continuously updated to reflect advances in technology. Current course offerings are: Geometric Tolerancing, Applied Mechanics, Shop Theory, Die-making, Die-building Methods, Production Machine Set-Ups, Quality Tools, Die Design, CAD/CAM, and CNC.

In addition to the programs for Tool & Die Makers and Die Designers, new apprenticeship programs for Maintenance, Manufacturing Engineer, Manufacturing Technician, Information Systems and Precision Machining are available. This Precision Machining program is styled after the original apprenticeship. Today the Training Center offers training for all levels of Hines Group employees in math, tolerancing and other critical design and manufacturing skills.

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