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Since our founding in 1966, The Hines Group has become world renowned for its ability to produce some of the world's most challenging components. The Hines Group excels in the production of high-quality metal stampings with tolerances often held in microns. We also produce a number of wire-forms and strip forms, such as brackets, springs, and connectors.

Deep Drawn Precision Metal Stampings and AssemblyThe Hines Group has earned a worldwide reputation as the leader in both quality and technical superiority. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Metal Stamping Experts

The Hines Group provides contract metal stamping and precision stamping services and parts at world-class quality and value. We are ISO/TS certified.

We provide metal stamping product design assistance and rapid turnaround on production tooling and prototyped parts. Our capacity ranges from 2 to 600 tons.

Fourslide and Multislide Metal StampingsWe provide complete support and contract supply including metal stamping, machining, finishing, plating, welding, and assembly. We supply many of the World's most demanding users of stamped metal components.

World-Class Supplier

The Hines Group is a U.S. company that competitively provides high-volume precision metal stampings, deep drawn stampings, and multislide stampings. We provide superior value when compared to suppliers in China, India, or Mexico.

We recognize the importance of your part to your overall business. We treat your part with the care we would treat our own. We provide dedicated technical and customer service staff to serve your specific needs from concept to the end of the part lifecycle.

Custom Metal StampingLifecycle Support

We provide support to help you optimize your choice of production technique, component design, part geometry and performance, selection of alloys, material usage, and measurement and quality standards.

By optimizing your part design and manufacturing specification, we improve production efficiency, improve your time to market, and reduce your component cost.


- Stamping
- Assembly
- Tool Development
- Shaft Machining 

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