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Services from The Hines Group

Prototyping and Engineering

Prototype stampingSound engineering practices are a key part of the services we provide and the challenging work we perform. The application of technology is evident throughout the organization, from customer design assistance through high volume precision custom metal stamping.

Our engineers provide valuable product design assistance. Using a variety of CAD systems, our engineers work with you in the development of your design. We will offer input on manufacturing considerations, material selection, selection of plating and other secondary operations, assembly automation features, and a variety of value-added processes such as in-die assembly or tapping.

We use unique prototyping systems that enable rapid development of precision metal stampings. These systems provide a variety of options to meet specific prototyping needs and part designs.  Each system closely replicates the part creation process of a high-speed progressive die. Using these methods, prototypes closely resemble the performance and behavior of production parts, allowing advanced functional analysis to be performed before a final design for metal stamping is approved and released.


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Deep Draw

Drawn Metal Components

Enjoy the benefits of deep drawn components, and our ability to consistently produce your products:

Deep Drawn Custom Precision Metal Stampings

  • Low material consumption
  • Less costly tooling
  • Complex shapes made easy
  • Lower weight, thinner walls
  • Simpler tooling
  • Lower scrap
  • One piece construction
  • Fewer costly secondary operations
  • Slots, side holes, flaring, flanges, knurling, tabs, and beads - all in the press

Part Design and Manufacturing Flexibility

We excel in the production of deep drawn parts in a variety of dimensional requirements and materials. 

Deep Drawn Metal StampingWe can fabricate parts out of materials such as:

  • Stainless steel
  • Cold rolled steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Nickel alloys
  • Pre-plated materials
  • Nickel
  • Electro-zinc plated Steels
  • Titanium
  • Zinc Clad Aluminum

Deep drawn components require the intricate matching and interrelating of many metalworking skills. Generally, parts are "deep drawn" when they are as long as, if not twice or more, of their width, and generally in a closed or near-closed shape, such as a cup, cone, tube, nozzle, and cap.

Deep Drawn Stampings

Deep drawn forming is often defined as forming through tension rather than bending. Deep drawing is a cold forming process of a flat (often, pre-cut blank) metal into a hollow shape without thinning, wrinkling, splitting, fracturing, or delaminating.

Difficult features, such as flaring, slitting, and slotting can be accomplished via deep drawing, making deep drawn components economical in cost, material usage, and with high yield.

All of our tool design, building, and part manufacturing take place at our Owensboro facilities.

Our integrated approach shortens tooling development and improves manufacturability. Our designers quickly move from CAD to the press to test concepts, optimize performance, and shorten project times. Our designers focus intensively on your critical dimensional performance.

Joining & Assembly

Deep Drawn Stamping and Assembly

We assemble your stamped parts with capabilities that include brazing, welding, and staking.

The Hines Group also integrates our deep drawn parts with secondary processes, such as: cleaning, heat treating, plating, etching, and painting.

We can complete your assembly to fit your packaging requirements including bar coding, packaging, and consigned inventory.

Process Conversion

The Hines Group also excels in the value engineering conversion of deep drawn parts from other production methods such as welded assemblies, screw machining, tubing, and spinning.


Drawn parts with difficult ribs and dimensional requirements

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Precision Stamping CapabilitiesPrecision Metal Stamping

  • Turnkey Stamping
  • In-house Metrology & Inspection
  • High Speed 1500 SPM Presses
  • Micron Tolerances
  • Deburring & Tumbling
  • Marking & Engraving
  • Assembly & Sub-assembly
  • Surface Finishing
  • Heat Treating

History Built On Precision

The Hines Group operates a broad range of stamping capabilities by process: transfer, progressive, and four/multi-slide presses. Our capabilities include Blanking, Piercing, Bend Forming, Draw Forming, and Swaging, and Coining.

Precision Metal StampingExacting Requirements

We have experience working with stainless and cold/hot-rolled steel, hardened and tempered steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, Galvaneal, and specialty alloys such as titanium, nitinol, Inconel, nitinol, zircaloy and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

In-Process Quality

We use custom and commercial measurement systems. We routinely comply with requirements for as much as 100 dimensional measurements, plus surface and cosmetic requirements.

High Volume Production

Gold plated precision metal stamping

The Hines Group has twelve presses capable of over 1200 strokes per minute. We routinely design two or more-out tooling to increase production capacity and efficiency.

Integrated Quality Management

Our ability to produce the precision stampings to match your need to accelerate products to market is supported by our rapid estimating, engineering, part development, materials acquisition, and production readiness.

Secondary Operations

High Volume Precision Stainless Steel StampingsTo provide you with cost-effective solutions, we have a significant capability in high-volume, high-speed parts cleaning, deburring, and tumbling services.

Used Around The World

Our precision metal stampings are used around the World. We export to India, China, Malaysia, Japan, Europe, Mexico, and South America.

Tool Transfer Programs

If you've decided that metal stamping is not your core competence, or you would rather focus your attention elsewhere, consider The Hines Group for a complete transfer of your stamping operations.

For you, it is a chance to reduce your investment, eliminate your operational headaches, redeploy labor, and consolidate your purchasing efforts (and vendors).

We have extensive experience in the process of transferring your tools, presses, auxiliary materials, and raw materials to our facility. 


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Multislide and Fourslide Stamping

Wrapped Tube, Flat and Wire Form Stampings

Many types of operations performed on conventional presses may also be produced equally well on our slide forming machines. Often extremely complex operations can be produced at lower cost with less complicated tooling, while yielding greater flexibility and increased production rates.

  • Manufactured to your specification
  • .002 to .187 material thickness
  • Up to 6" material width
  • Up to 36" developed length
  • In-house tool design and fabrication
  • In-house secondary operation capabilities
  • In-die tapping

We produce assorted wrapped tubes, fasteners, clips, clamps, contacts, terminals, mounting channels, brackets, wire forms, springs, flat stampings, bearings for overmolding, and assemblies.

Multislide | FourslideAll of our products follow strict quality control procedures throughout the development process and are guaranteed to meet or exceed your requirements. Our in-house tool room and tooling capabilities allow us to adjust to meet your unique needs and keep our cost low and quality high.

We produce parts with cold roll steel, spring steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, and other alloys.We are capable of running either strip or diameter stock.

Tooling is built and maintained in-house to allow maximum control over part consistency, dimensional accuracy, and production yield.

Advantages of Multislide/Fourslide Forming

Fourslide | Multislide wire and flat partsMultiside (or "fourslide") forming is a metal stamping process requiring special equipment, skill, and manufacturing systems. The technology permits complex part geometries, typically for small parts.

Multislide/fourslide stamping is a cost effective process for complex parts in large volume part runs (due to the time required to setup the many tooling components). It can also be a economical solution for short-run part production, particularly when tooling costs are considered.

Flats and complex shape stamped parts

  • Capable of holding moderate part tolerances
  • Drilling and tapping can be performed in-die,
    thus avoiding a secondary operation
  • Multiple and compound bends and forms
    can be performed with ease
  • Multislide stamping generally lowers tooling cost
    when compared to a progressive die
  • Generally reduces material usage, and therefore cost,
    compared to traditional manufacturing approaches
  • Material may be purchased to finished width, reducing scrap

Fourslide component with interlock assemblyExamples of applications for fourslide-produced parts include:
  • Hose clips
  • Battery contacts
  • Motor stator spring clips
  • Electrical connectors
  • Breaker mechanical interlock
  • Flat springs for ink-jet printer
  • Hinge bearing
  • Wire handles
  • Gun magazine springs
  • Heat sink clips
  • Paint brush ferrules
  • Pipe clamps
  • Combustion nozzles


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Contract Manufacturing Services include Precision Metal Stamping, CNC Machining, Wire EDM, Tube Fabrication, Design Assistance  to name a few


Progressive, compound, and secondary capabilities with up to 300 tons of stamping power, we can produce almost any metal stamping job.

Types of Metal Stamping: Blanking, Piercing, Bend or Multiple Bend Forming, Draw Forming, and Swaging, Coining, & Forging

Metal Stamping Operations: Progressive Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping Size Capabilities : Miniature Metal Stamping
and Large Metal Stampings

Metal Stamping Materials: Stainless Steel Metal Stamping,
Titanium Metal Stamping, Aluminum Metal Stamping, Steel / Cold Roll Metal Stamping,
and Nickel, Phosphor Bronze, Brass, & Precious Metals

Metal Stamping Specialties: Value Added Metal Stamping, Insert Metal Stamping,
Heavy Gauge Metal Stamping, Complex Metal Stamping, and Metal Stamping Tube Operations

Metal Stamping Secondary Operations & Finishing: Secondary Stamping, Secondary Machining & Wire EDM, Deburring & Tumbling, Marking & Engraving, Assembly & Sub Assembly, and Heat Treating, Surface Finishing, Plating, Cleaning & Painting


High-speed vertical CNC Machining centers allows us to mill, drill, and 3D machine precision components in high or low volumes.

Job Requirements: Prototyping, and Production

CNC Machining Specialties: Value Added Machining and
CNC Machining Tube Operations

CNC Machining Materials: Stainless Steel Machining, Titanium Machining, Aluminum Machining, Other Metals Machining, and Plastics Machining

CNC Machining Secondary Operations and Finishing: Deburring & Tumbling, Marking & Engraving, Assembly & Sub Assembly, and Heat Treating, Surface Finishing, Plating, Cleaning & Painting

Tool & Die Design and Development

Specializing is designing progressive, compound, and secondary stamping dies. Our experienced designers utilize the latest CAD software.

Tool & Die Services: Tool & Die Design, Tool & Die Building, and Tool & Die Repair & Maintenance

Design for Manufacturability Assistance

Bring your challenge to us! We can help you design, develop, and prototype your idea, invention, product, or mechanical component.

Design Assistance Services: Product Design Assistance, Manufacturing Plan Development, Rapid Prototyping, & Reverse Engineering

Wire EDM

Prototype and production runs of tight tolerance parts (tolerances to +/- .0001) utilizing precision Wire EDM centers.

Job Requirements: Prototyping and Production

Wire EDM Specialties: Value Added Wire EDM and Wire EDM Tube Operations

Wire EDM Materials: Stainless Steel Wire EDM, Titanium Wire EDM,
Aluminum Wire EDM, Steel, Tool Steel, & Carbide Wire EDM,
and Other Metals Wire EDM

Wire EDM Secondary Operations and Finishing: Secondary Stamping, Secondary Machining & Wire EDM, Marking & Engraving, & Assembly & Sub Assembly