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Reliable, Cost-Effective, and Innovative

The Hines Group is a manufacturer of precision components. We've specialized in precision metal components for over 40 years.

We make your job easy. We lower your costs. We improve your competitiveness.

We consistently deliver quick development, responsive support, and on-time delivery.

We continually pursue zero-defect performance.

We are certifiably compliant: ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, and ISO 14001.

We offer production stamping, machining, and assembly.

Our press capabilities are from 2 to 600T.

We have a diversified customer base, including these industries: consumer electronics, appliances, automotive, industrial apparatus, small power, HVAC, recreation, and medical products.

We serve the domestic market and export to highly competitive markets, including India, Malaysia, China, Europe, and Mexico.

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